Dervish Sema Ritual Rumi Revival

What does The Sema Ritual Symbolise? Part 4

From the Fourth Salaam to the End of the Sema

The fourth Salam refers to the Nafs al-Mutmainna (the soul at peace). Those who believe and whose hearts find comfort in the rememberance of Allah. Surely in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find comfort. (Al-Ra’d 28)

During the fourth Salam, the sheikh returns to the centre by performing his own special “Post Sema” and returns to his hide, In the meantime, he opens his chest and heart as a gesture of rendering service to benefit all. Sema also symbolises the planets and stars in the solar system. 

It reprsents that from a granule to the universe, everything is in motion and rotation, and a sound emerges as a result of these rotations. It refers to the verse in the Quran “the seven heavens, the earth, and all those in them glorify Him. There is not a single thing that does not glorify His praises-but you ‘simply’ cannot comprehend their glorifaction.” (al Isra, 44)

Through all these, Sema Ceremony conveys the message that everything in our bodies is not a random circulation and that from the micrcosm to the macrocosm everything is in continuous rememberance of Allah in its own language and in harmony.