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Breathing life into Islamic spirituality in the UK, we bring the mesmerising sell-out tour to your doorstep! Our journey began with a profound passion for showcasing the beauty of Islamic mysticism, and it has evolved into a movement of spiritual awakening, with charitable giving at the core of our mission.

In 2023, our UK tour was met with overwhelming support, resulting in sold-out shows across the country. This remarkable success allowed us to fulfil our commitment to giving back to those who need it most. Every penny from our ticket sales goes directly to the charitable causes of Revive Darul Arqam, reinforcing our mission of compassion and unity!

As Rumi Revival, we believe in the power of art and culture to bridge gaps and foster understanding. Through the awakening Dhikr of the Whirling Dervishes and other traditional Islamic spiritual performances, we aim to inspire hearts and open minds.

Join us in this revival of spirituality, where ancient traditions meet todays audiences. Where every step we take enriches lives and communities. Together, let’s continue to create a world of harmony, love, and spiritual enlightenment!

An ancient tradition revived

The Mesmerising UK sell-out tour! Rumi united people from all ethnicities, faiths and backgrounds. The Rumi Revival does the same! The Rumi Revival is an immersive evening of spirituality. Featuring Award Winning Artists Armin Muzaferija & The Sufi Ensemble, Whirling Dervishes and live Mawliwiyyah Dhikr!

From the heart of Konya, a mystic emerged 800 years ago who would ignite love within the hearts of humanity for centuries to come – a universal message inspiring all. A language not of words but a language of inspiration which penetrates the heart and stirs the soul. Allow your heart to be ignited and your soul to be stirred as you feel the presence of the Rumi Revival!

A message which is whispered passing through generations starting with the outcast impoverished leper, passing to the embellished ruling Sultan of the Reigning Ottoman Empire and traversing the continents and oceans to the Isles of Britain.

In 2023 Rumi Revival hosted it’s first ever UK sell-out tour!

As spirituality comes to life before your senses and awakens your soul, immerse yourself into a live performance centred upon tradition, mysticism and universal love, allowing your mind to travel to purer pastures – the lush emerald rolling hills of Bosnia.

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Rumi is born - Afghanistan.


Along with his father Bahā ud-Dīn, Rumi embarks upon a journey.


Rumi settles in Konya - Türkiye.


Rumi meets Shams al Tabrizi who inspires him into the universal language of spirituality.


Shams al Tabrizi mysteriously disappears.


Rumi is inspired with the outpouring of Divine Love in over 25,000 Verses - this is The Methnawi.


Rumi passes on the next realm at the age of 66.


The Rumi Revival...

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