The Mesmerising UK Sell-out Tour Returns! a performance immersed in spiritual uplift
and artistic mastery!

For a night of
healing and harmony
• Live dhikr • qur'an recitation •
• whirling dervishes •
• armin muzaferija • the sufi ensemble •

2024 Tour Proceeds go to Palestine!

2024 Tour coming to a city near you!

15 Feb 2024

Royal Concert Hall
Glasgow G2 3NY

Image of Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

16th FEB 2024

Royal Northern College of Music
Manchester M13 9RD

Image of The Royal Northern College of Music

17th Feb 2024

Royal Birmingham Conservatoire
Birmingham B4 7XR

Image of The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

18th Feb 2024

The People’s Palace
London E1 4NS

Image of The London People's Palace


Please remember to make a charitable donation for Palestine with our charity partner Revive!

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The Whirling Balkan Dervishes

Straight from the heartland of the Dervish, we bring the Whirling Dervish’s of Bosnia to the UK!

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A journey of love...

An ancient tradition of mysticism, spirituality and art

From the heart of Konya, a mystic emerged 800 years ago who would ignite love within the hearts of humanity for centuries to come – a universal message inspiring all. A message which is whispered passing through generations starting with the outcast impoverished leper, passing to the embellished ruling Sultan of the Reigning Ottoman Empire and traversing the continents and oceans to the Isles of Britain.

A language not of words but a language of inspiration which penetrates the heart and stirs the soul. Allow your heart to be ignited and your soul to be stirred as you feel the presence of the Rumi Revival!

Award-winning performers

Armin Muzaferija

Armin Muzaferija

Armin’s spiritual music has earned him international popularity having performed in Bosnia, the USA, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy and more! Be captivated by his spiritual traditional Bosnian sound, in a language which speaks directly to your heart!

The Sufi Ensemble

Fusing traditional Rumi Lyrics with powerful traditional rhythms that awaken the soul.

Proceeds from your ticket support Humanitarian Aid Efforts

Coming To A City Near You...

uk tour 2024

Image of Glasgow Clyde Arc Bridge





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